Within her pursed eyes

June 8, 2010

Dreams that are visited

by you so warm and hot

She resides in a soft place

between divided worlds

her eyes longing to stay shut

in the universe of fantastical

dreams where you worship her

where passion is too fierce for prudence

where every touch is a torturous delight

that she can not resist

She enters the alternate world, a hard landing

that creates a hole within

A familiar pit of sorrow engulfs her

at lid’s opening, the well deeper and barren as before

Two worlds bursting and beating together with too many endings

Within her pursed eyes where dreams are real

as they are unreal

is the truth of the lie.

2 Responses to “Within her pursed eyes”

  1. […] It has NOTHING to do with food -for now- but read it if you like. Marie’s first poem in a decade. […]

  2. Robin Neary Gemignani said

    Love this… Marie! You’re talented… at poems AMD blogging… good for you! Will keep reading

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