A day sans meat

April 4, 2010

Good Friday, a day to skip the meat.  I’m not really a believer in all the “skipping certain food” rules – as I tend to feel that they’re pretty made up and don’t really bring you closer to whatever is you’re supposed to feel closer to.  But yesterday, in a last ditch effort to keep my toe in the Catholic pool I decided to refrain from meat.  It was a little harder than I thought it would be.  Breakfast was matzoh with butter and cheese -natch.  Lunch a spread of linguini with clam sauce, fried fish and fish francese.  Good god, you’d think we were dying of starvation.  I mean, we really could have had a bit of grilled salmon or something, but instead it’s “Let’s make the fish as unhealthy as possible.”  I enjoyed the meal, but by dinner time I was coming up blank with plans.  Can’t have more pasta (can I?) for dinner.  Decided on a pizza half with pepperoni for Ran and half with black olives for me.  I had no trouble staying away from pepperoni slices – but I felt like a the goodyear blimp afterwards. So much carbs, and cheese and carbs!  Thank god I never tried to go vegetarian, I would end up 300lbs.  I didn’t do much better today, as I was running around NY all day seeing plays and playing with my little cousins.  I had pizza AGAIN – oy.  This time with the pepperoni.

I friggin’ hate holidays.  All the stress and craziness leads to all the eating I shouldn’t be doing.  Tomorrow, I get to have two Easter meals – one with mom, one with dad.  I just hope I can squeeze in a plate of vegetables at some point!  Oh right, I’m tasked with bringing the salad course, so at least I know that will be there.  I just pray no one sticks a plate of antipasto in front of me.  Or even worse (better?) I hope my step dad didn’t make the pizza rustica. Cheese pie with sausage bits floating in a ricotta crust.  I realize it sounds gross, but it’s awesome – especially cold.  And it only gets made once year, so you have to indulge in a slice.

Time for bed, having enough sleep leads to NOT overeating, so sleep is important.

Good luck with your holiday eating.  I don’t want to end up like the good year blimp again.  Maybe this time I will have the grilled salmon.

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