Up .8 and I feel great

January 18, 2010

What if everytime you were up .8 oz, you were actually down 4.2?  Well that would be delightful!  After being on vacation for 16 days, my WW leader Ellen says that you’re allowed a 5lb gain.  And you know I was concerned about gaining that infamous 5lbs (see earlier post Happy 2010), so when I went to WW last Monday I was preparing for the worst.  After returning from vacation the Friday prior, I should have gone into “fasting mode”, but I didn’t.  I topped off the weekend with brunch at Clover Club, Amanda’s and dinner at Prime Meats.  Seriously, what was I thinking?

So I went to the scale Monday night and was greeting back to WW with a lovely .8oz gain.  I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I saw the .8oz instead of the dreaded 5lbs!  Okay, I’m not into celebrating weight gain at WW meetings (seems a little self indulgent), but, the small gain put me in such a good mood, that I had to share it!  I felt like I had a renewed energy coursing through me.  Now, today, I am going kick this thing in the pants and lose some weight!  Yeah! 

Now it’s way into Sunday evening and the end of my WW week- and for the first time, in a long time – I’ve actually counted all my points all week.  And, AND, I didn’t go over my points!  In fact, I have 10 left over!  I don’t know if I’ve ever had 10 points left over in my entire 23 months in this program.  Wow.  I always ate all the points – because unlike AT&T – these calories don’t rollover, so eat ’em or lose ’em. 

Hey, maybe I’ve turned over a new leaf.  Or maybe I’m just scared to death to gain AGAIN.  Which, I am.  Hell, I gotta turn this trend around in 2010. 

The real success this week, isn’t what I lose tomorrow at my WW meeting.  It’s the discovery of what I love about being in control of my food and life.  I was so happy this week, so happy to go to work every morning, so happy to be with my husband just hanging on the couch.  Every crappy thing that happened just went by me like smooth sailing – I could take everything in stride.  I was IN CONTROL.  It was a great feeling.  Shit, there’s tons of things I can’t control in day to day life so being able to say, “I ate well today” was really meaningful to me and my happiness. 

I’m making 2010 the year I bring back control and everyday happiness to my life.  Oh yeah, and that weight loss thing too.

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