Cookies for Lunch

December 11, 2009

I had a bagel today for breakfast from Bagel World which I know is at least 8 points of bagel goodness. I thought that I’d skip lunch, but of course that never happens or helps any! I ended up eating 2 Oreos for lunch and then feasting on some leftovers in the conference room (so tragic). Some of the feast was cut up pineapple and cantaloupe so it wasn’t THAT bad, but there was a big cookie involved I’m sorry to say.

Now its 8pm and I’m still sitting in my cubicle.  Not sure what to do for my solo dinner tonight (Ran is working late).  I have leftover chicken that I made earlier in the week that I can pair with some gluten-free noodles (6 points) that will be decent.  I like these gluten-free noodles because they come dried in 6 point bundles.  So it’s great because I make 1 bundle and I don’t over eat.  Also, the “Blood Type Diet” says gluten is bad for those of us with Type O.  It sucks, because I’m friggin Italian and genetically predisposed to love pasta.  Plus, I hate potatoes.  My only starch is pasta and I can’t have it according to Dr. D’Adamo.  I guess I could have rice.  Is rice gluten-free?  Boring!

Lesson learned for today: don’t try to skip lunch. It never works.  You always end up eating peanut butter straight from the jar or cookies stolen from a conference or some other disgusting task you would never do if you’d just had a friggin soup from Pax for lunch.  Ah well.

Dinner will be more sensible – no more cookies – and I might even have a 2 point serving on chocolate sorbet at the end of it.  Happy weekend!

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