Food Hangover…Ugh

November 1, 2009

We had a great halloween party last night!  I made some treats including a buffalo chicken dip, a macaroni and cheese caserole and penne ala vodka.  The party was full of nibbles: Yasmin’s special Spinach Dip (she still won’t give me the recipe!), Shireen’s Oreo truffles (heavenly), a cheese platter, guacomole, margaritas, and cupcakes from the Cake Boss guy in Hoboken.

I tried everything except the cupcakes (had no room left!) but they looked so adorable and delicious.  I did the most damage on the buffalo chicken dip and mac and cheese.  I even had a margarita! 

I didn’t count any points, but I did eat light all day so I could indulge a bit at the party.  I didn’t dive into any Halloween candy so I consider that a triumph.  Last year, I finally realized that Halloween candy and I had a love/hate relationship.  Every year I buy a bunch of candy, fill my special halloween themed bowl and wait for Trick or Treaters.  The T or T’ers never show, and I end up eating all the candy!  You know how it goes, a Snickers here a Kit Kat there and before you know it, the bowl is empty.  So last Halloween I resisted and didn’t buy any candy.  Still no T or T’ers came, so no one missed the candy.  This year, I tried to find my Halloween themed bowl (for the party! not for candy, I swear) and I couldn’t locate it.  Ran thinks he remembers me throwing it out so I would never fill it again with dangerous goodies.  Maybe I did.  Or maybe I’ll find it when I unpack the Christmas decorations, who knows.

I woke up really early this morning with a bilious attack.  A sign of a little too much indulgence the night before.  I’m not much of a drinker, so maybe it was the margarita mixed with the food and fatigue.  Perhaps mac and cheese leftovers for breakfast isn’t the best idea!  I’m gonna go try to fall asleep a little while longer. 

I don’t get weighed-in till Monday, but I’m happy with this week so far.  Been good, didn’t go crazy at the party and getting back on the wagon right now.

At the party last night, someone asked me “Shouldn’t it be getting easier to lose weight, not harder?” 

Food for thought, indeed.


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