23 points a day

October 31, 2009

On Weight Watchers y0u get a certain amount of “points” that you can consume each day.  It’s based on your current weight, what type of work you do, your age and whether or not your are breast-feeding.  It’s called your “points target” and you MUST eat all of those points everyday.  On top of that is your weekly points allowance (or as my leader Ellen likes to call it, weekly pleasure allowance!) of 35 points that you can use for the fun foods, alcohol, and/or larger portions of the food you are eating.  When I started out doing WW I was allowed a whopping 26 points a day.  As you lose weight, you lose points and last year on my birthday I had a rude awakening.   Not only did I lose a point due to weight loss (woohoo!) I aged a year, so I went from one age box to the next and I lost another point.  So in one week I went from 25 to 23.  It was brutal.

I’ve never really been able to master the 23 points a day.  I’ve tried to break it down by meal: breakfast 3 points, 2 point snack, 6 point lunch, 2 point snack, then 10 for dinner.  It was not working.  All I’ve done in the year of 2009 is struggle and gain weight.  Since my lightest, I’m up a total of 8lbs.  I’m not thrilled about it and part of why I started this blog was to get some momentum going and have accountability so that I had to lose weight.  Unfortunately, I keep losing and gaining, and yo-yo-ing back and forth.

This week, after my first weigh-in since September I was up 3lbs and sadly went up a point.  I didn’t realize it until I input my weight on the WW website and it automatically changed it.  At first I thought, “maybe I shouldn’t take the point and still eat 23 a day?”  I could hear my leader Ellen saying in my ear, “Follow the Program”.  So I decided to go with the 24 for this week and see how it goes.

Now that I’m a few days into my week and tracking my foods everyday, I am noticing how amazing it is to have that extra point!  I know it sounds silly that one point would make a difference, but it’s like a cushion of comfort that is allowing me to actually stay within my daily range.  I’m using some of my WPA everyday (as I always do) but not as many as I do when I’m eating 23 points and I don’t feel as hungry.  My downfall this past year has been the weekends.  I track every work day and then Friday comes and I saw, “awwww screw it!” and eat whatever I want, kinda.  Maybe since I’m kinda hungry all week with only 23 points, I’m blowing it every weekend to make up for it.  It’s a theory!

Let’s see how it goes next week when I weigh-in.  This might be something to discuss with Ellen if I lose and feel like I can continue losing by eating 24 points a day.

Goal for this week: write the blog everyday, track EVERYTHING I eat, and save some WPA for the Halloween party I’m going to on Saturday.  I’ll let you know how I make out.

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