My Healthy Obsession with QVC

October 29, 2009

Those of you who know me, know that I enjoy a little shopping on both QVC and HSN now and then.  I find the whole idea fascinating, and always have.  Even as a child, I was obsessed with infomercials.  I’d rather watch that Sandra Lee curtain infomercial than Saturday morning cartoons.  Come to think of it, it was kind of bizarre: a 7 year old obsessively watching 30 minute long commercials instead of Babar?  Weird.

But maybe not.  My father is a salesman thru and thru.  (Here come the Willy Loman references…I swear I’m not Biff).  Growing up around Bob “I could sell ice to eskimos” Ingrisano was definitely a lesson in how to sell.  Right out of college I landed in retail and found out for myself that I was a natural sales person.  This was something Bob was always telling me.  Well played, Dad.

Now that I have a “non-selling” focused job in cosmetics, I find I somehow miss it.  Last year the brand of skincare I work for was being featured on QVC and I was encouraged to watch it for research purposes.  Most of the beauty stuff is boring to me because I don’t buy it (I sell my own line of cosmetics and skincare) and because I’ve worked in the cosmetics industry forever, it’s no longer interesting to me.  But the cooking shows!  and the jewelry!  and the home solutions!  and the FOOD! Oh, it’s just too much for words!

I grant you, buying food off of the TV is slightly ridiculous.  Here’s my defense.  A lot of it, is healthy.  I can read the nutrition information of any of it before deciding to buy and read a slew of reviews on it before making up my mind.  This is a perfect combination for a devote Weight Watcher-er.

Some of my favorites:

Kansas City Steaks and Burgers: stay away from the 3 cheese burger if you want low fat, but the steaks are delish and come individually wrapped so you can just make one (and just eat one) without having to defrost a lot.

Stuffin Gourmet Chicken Breasts:  these breaded chicken breasts are only 5 points per serving!  Hello!  This is awesome.  They also come individually wrapped so you can only make one at a time.  My husband will eat them and that’s a good sign (he won’t eat anything labelled low-fat).  Plus, you can cook them from frozen.  This is so important because how many times have I gone into my fridge looking for dinner fixins only to find I have nothing defrosted?  What do you think happens next?  Papa John’s delivery – not a healthy choice.   This way, even if I have nothing planned for dinner I’m only 20 minutes away from a healthy chicken breast.  **Tonight I was planning on roasting a chicken, but it wasn’t defrosted, so I whipped up some risotto and made 3 of these chicken breasts.  It was very well received and ordering pizza didn’t even cross my mind.**

Salmon Burgers: also 5 points and very tasty.  A salmon burger on a WW bun amounts to 7 points and that’s totally doable for dinner or lunch.  I’ve also eaten them with a salad and skipped the bun altogether.  These aren’t individually wrapped but can be cooked from frozen.

Sensible Snacks Dried Fruit: at only 2 points a bag, this is a good alternative to 100 calorie packs (which I live off of).  Only dried fruit included in the bag (literally NO other ingredients) and it’s usually a nice blend of either tropical fruits or berries.  Haven’t tried it yet in yogurt, but I have heard thats good.  You can also put them in cereal.  Gotta get those fruit servings in somehow!

I’m not trying to sell you on any of this (hell, I don’t make a commision).  I’m just saying that sometimes you have to think outside the box to find products to help you reach your goal.  Losing weight and mainting your weight is definitely a battle between good and evil.  Chicken breast good, Papa John’s evil.  QVC has helped me buy more of the good and less of the evil.  Don’t get me wrong, QVC has PLENTY of un-healthy foods too, Junior’s Cheesecake Auto-Delivery anyone?  But I’m seeking out the healthy, convenient stuff because I know it will aid me in reaching my goal.

My other trick is to buy groceries on Fresh Direct sometimes.  That way I don’t make any impulse purchases and I can agonize over the shopping list if I like.  This seems to help me not over buy or buy shit just to open the package and start eating in the grocery store. Tragic.

Ok, here’s my secret that I’m ashamed to tell you about HSN.  I bought the Frank Sepe Fitness Disc! I know, I know, it looks so stupid, but I saw the before and after pictures and I just had to try it.  Plus it was like $80 which is less than 2 months of gym membership.  I’ve done it a couple of times, and I’ll tell ya, after a ten minute work out you are definitely feeling the burn in your muscles.  It’s low impact for sure, but I feel my muscles working so that’s good enough for me.  Also, it hardly takes up any space.  It’s going to be dark and cold soon when I get home from work, and the last thing I want to do is get changed and go to the gym some nights.  If I can at least do some time on the fitness disc, I’m doing more than sitting on the couch eating bon-bons.

I guess the only thing that comes more naturally to me than selling is buying!

And that’s ok when you’re buying the things that are going to help you make healthier choices and make a positive change in your life.  This is the defense for all the WW stuff they sell at meetings.  Some of it is good, some of it is a crutch and it’s up to you to decide which is which.  I think my QVC purchases are leaning more towards help than crutch.  I do admit, though, that packaged foods are usually loaded with mystery ingredients and tons of sodium.  So, I’ll approach it like I approach the fitness disc.  It’s not going to replace the gym, but it will supplement the gym and have me at least doing a mini-workout than no workout at all.

This is a step in the right direction.  Look, you’re not going to become a gym rat over night or a gourmet organic cook overnight, you gotta start somewhere.  That’s what I’m gonna do.

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