I waited all year for a Fried Oreo.

October 5, 2009

I am originally from Long Island, but spent a lot of my childhood in Brooklyn where my father has always lived. The best thing about Brooklyn in the summer is the street fairs. There’s always one on my birthday in August and I remember spending birthdays there eating sausage and pepper heros and zeppoles. A zeppole is a piece of fried dough that is covered in confectioners sugar. It’s delightful. The only thing I could think of that is better than a zeppole, is taking an Oreo (which you all know is my favorite cookie) dunking it in zeppole batter, frying it and covering it with confectioners sugar. And then selling it at the Atlantic Antic which is only 3 blocks from my house.

Atlantic Antic, as I remember it, is always on a Sunday at the very beginning of October. I remember last year coming home from a day of shopping in the city to the Antic happening right under my nose. I saw a stand for the infamous Fried Oreos and decided I would splurge and have my first ever fried Oreo. I went to the stand and was devastated to hear that they were out of Fried Oreos! How could this be? I was robbed of my once annual chance to try this decadent delight. I remembered thinking “Maybe this is God’s way of telling you that you don’t need to eat Fried Oreos, Marie. Do you really need to eat something so over-the-top?” So, I never had my Fried Oreo. But THIS YEAR, I figured I’d waited long enough. It’s the first Sunday of October and I woke up this morning with no other motive then to get a Fried Oreo, or five.

Ran and I walked thru the Antic on our way to rehearsal at the Heights Players today and saw many booths for jewelry and free pedometers. I was praying and searching that there would be a Fried Oreo stand in between Clinton and Hicks Streets, so I would have time to indulge while walking to rehearsal. We got lucky and found a stand that sold not only Fried Oreos, but foot long hot dogs! Breakfast of champions! Ran ordered a foot long, I ordered a regular hot dog only to be told that they don’t have regular hot dogs, just foot longs. Okay, fine, I’ll have a foot long hot dog (oy vei!). Then the Fried Oreos, “How do they come?”, I asked. Zeppoles usually come by the dozen. “Five for three dollars.!” A bargain indeed. “We’ll take five!”

The foot longs were a bit well done in my opinion and I ended up only eating half (I only wanted a regular hot dog to begin with) and when I realized that I was eating it and not enjoying it, I threw it out. Then we moved onto the Oreos. They were smaller than I thought they would be, but covered with enough confectioner’s sugar to kill a person. I took a bite and was pleasantly surprised to find the Oreo both soft and warm. Yum. I noticed at the stand that they were frying up the Oreos fresh for us! What a treat! The Fried Oreo was deliciously covered in zeppole batter as I mentioned, and it was more scrumptious than I ever could have imagined. The mixture of the sweet batter, the sugar, the chocolatey Oreo and the cream filling was very interesting. The only thing I thought was missing was a bit of salt. Perhaps it needs to be added to the zeppole batter? Overall, I was pretty pleased with it.

The general consensus seems to be that Fried Oreos are a waste of calories and time. I thought it was worth a once a year indulgence. Ran said he’d just as easily eat a zeppole plain than a Fried Oreo.

I waited all year to try the Fried Oreo, and I’m glad I did. If I’ve learned anything over the course of my tenure in Weight Watchers it’s that you don’t need to eat food just because you can get it. Like the foot long hot dog. I didn’t need to finish eating it just because I had already paid $3 for it. I can get Fried Oreos at the Atlantic Antic, but that doesn’t mean I have too. It doesn’t mean that I must buy 5 and eat them all by myself. It also doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t try a Fried Oreo. You must have indulgences in life, food or otherwise, or else life would just be too damn boring. So I say, “Try a Fried Oreo. Enjoy it. Move on.”

One Response to “I waited all year for a Fried Oreo.”

  1. Krista said

    I had my first fried oreo this year, too!! I agree completely with the sentiment of your post. I think the hardest part is the “moving on.” But I too only had one, and definitely savored it.

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