The Problem with 90210

September 21, 2009

The way I see it, there are 2 problems with the new 90210.

1) Rob Estes is the hottest guy and he plays THE DAD! No one was lusting after James Eckhouse last go around, am I right?
2) These girls are too. damn. skinny.

Granted, the previous version of 90210 – “Beverly Hills, 90210” had the super skinny Tori Spelling, but there was also Gabrielle Carteris (Andrea Zuckerman) to balance out the mix. This time all the girls look the same. Bean poles with big hair! Do they think the big hair balances out the fact that they are grossly underweight?

It makes me think of Friends, around season 3 or 4 when Jennifer Aniston tried to be as skinny as Courtney Cox and ended up looking like a scarecrow with boobs. As an actress and someone who struggles with weight issues, I can sympathize that watching yourself on screen can be torture. I remember looking at pictures from my engagement party and being MORTIFIED at how big I was. The day of the party I didn’t realize I was so huge, but then the hundreds of pictures showed me (from many angles) looking like a Thanksgiving float! I obsessed over those pictures for weeks. I thought of what I should have done to lose weight before hand. Of course, it was too late. That was in September of 2007…it took me until February of 2008 to join Weight Watchers and get my weight under control. Five months of looking at those horrible pictures and feeling bad about myself. It was horrible, and yet, I kept eating. Unfortunately, the pictures upset me when they should remind me of a very happy day in my life. It’s sad.

Now, I consider myself the “average” American woman. I wear a size 10. I am medically “overweight”. And I worry about my weight every day (which also seems to be a requirement). These women on television are NOT the average woman at all. Which, of course, we know when we watch them. But does it make it any easier to not compare yourselves to them? I look at thos 90210 girls and I shudder to thing at what other 16 year old girls are thinking when they watch. Knowing that in 2009 there are more overweight and obese children THAN EVER, we have to acknowledge that many of the girls watching 90210 are struggling with weight issues. The skinny-ness portrayed by the 90210 cast is so unattainable and unrealistic that any girl watching must feel like a hopeless cow.

How is this helping the obesity problem in America?

I felt like a fat fuck for FIVE MONTHS before taking action because of those damn pictures.  Are these girls going to be able to make the jump from “miserably fat” to “losing weight” like I did?  Or are we just too lazy?

I know this is such a clichè, but wasn’t Marilyn Monroe a size 14?  Can’t we get back a healthy image of an American woman on TV, instead of these ridiculous extremes?  The super skinny and the fat girls.  Who is representing me on tv?  Who is a size 10?

Plus, I’m such a product of the media environment…I just realized I was watching Amy Poehler and judging her for being heavier than she was before her pregnancy.  Shame on me!  She looks fine!  She looks HEALTHY!

So here’s my call to action to Hollywood, the media, casting directors and everyone who judges celebrities:  “Bring back the average size woman on TV/Film.  We need to see her so we can rebuild a healthy America.”

One Response to “The Problem with 90210”

  1. Truly! It’s an issue that pervades our entire society. Did you see the article on the woman in, I think it was Vogue, that dared to be an “average” size? It got an incredible response from the public. I celebrate the healthy woman. It doesn’t just apply to women, though it seems to focus there. Body image is detrimental to everyone, regardless of gender. I quote Connie and Carla:

    “Worship that body; it’s the only one you got!”

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