First Weigh-In In a While/My soul

August 3, 2009

July 27, 2009 3:49 pm, New York, NY

I’m going to admit I’m scared.  Very scared.  I can’t even remember when my last weigh-in at Weight Watchers was and on top of that I couldn’t find my membership book this morning!  I looked up my stats on the WW website (which keeps meticulous records of your weigh-ins if you input the info), and the last date I weighed-in was JUNE 8!!  Oh boy, this can be very good (lotsa lost weight) or very bad (maybe I shouldn’t have had that scoop of Spumoni last night).

<<I wrote this post last Monday before my trip to WW.  I never finished it, probably because I was too embarrassed to admit I’d gained.  Now, look, I was up 1.2lbs, which I’ll admit is minor.  But I haven’t had a loss in a long time so I was feeling especially bad for myself.  I had a crazy week, traveling to Boston and Atlanta for work, and basically eating my way thru it with stops at Steak n’ Shake and Chick-fil-a.  I’m going to go out on a limb (not really) and say, I’ll probably be up again at WW tonight.  Is it the end of the world?  Will I completely give up?  Will I feel hopeless and helpless.  I might.  But, I won’t give up, I won’t stop counting points and making smarter choices.  I won’t.  I can’t.

I said to a friend last night, while discussing my weight loss journey.  “For the rest of my life, I will have the soul of a fat person.”  She said, “That’s so interesting you say that.”  But that’s exactly how I feel, no matter how much weight I lose and keep off, I have to remember what it was like to be at my biggest.  If I can remember, I can keep the weight off.  I can say, “I don’t need that Oreo.  I know what Oreo’s taste like.  I don’t need to eat that one.”

And honestly, I’d rather have my soul (fat though it may be) than have no soul at all.>>

2 Responses to “First Weigh-In In a While/My soul”

  1. Stuzzi Buddie said

    regardless of size, I heart your soul. and yes, that Spumoni was over the edge, but worth it. Thanks Pedro!

  2. I would consider a gain of 1.2 maintaining!

    Especially after not weighing in for a while.

    I used to be a receptionist at weight watcher and weighed in ladies. People would get so down on themselves about what the darn scale said! If you had a great week and felt in control but had a slight gain, that’s success! Keep going, that’s what I’m trying to do to!

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