To fit or not to fit, that is the question?

July 23, 2009

I need to do laundry.  I have 1 pair of pants that are clean (and work appropriate) and I’ve already worn them twice this week.

After my pig out last night (which ended with an Israeli pudding and a tiny piece of ice cream cake), I was not optimistic about my wardrobe this morning.  I dug into my closet and tried on a pair of size 10 Michael Kors pants that I have worn before but are admittedly, a little snug.

My friend Deirdre calls “a little snug”  being “bet into your clothes”.  “Bet” is the incorrect past tense of “beaten”.  She’s Irish and claims this is a common expression across the pond.  So, I looked in the mirror at my butt in the MK pants and decided I was a little too “bet” to wear them today without the appropriate blouse to cover the “bet-edness”.  The ladies all know what I’m talking about, the muffin top!

Charging into another one of my closets (there are 4 in my apartment!), I found an OLD pair of Gap khakis that I haven’t worn since Bush’s first administration.  I thought to myself, “there’s no way these are going to fit, but try ’em on to see how close you are.”  I put them on.  I got them on without zipping or closing them.  I thought, “well, there you have it, gotta loose another 10 lbs.”  But for some reason, I forged ahead and zipped those suckers.  They closed, the buttons fastened and I was in these size 10 khakis I bought in 2004.  Wow, what a feeling!  That feeling is better than any pudding or chunk of blue cheese I could eat.

I vividly remember buying these Gap pants in 2004 because, at the time, they were my fat pants.  I had recently started a new job with Lord & Taylor in NYC and needed “nice clothes”.  I was basically broke and not looking to spend more money on clothes, but nothing I had fit.  I went to Gap one day before work and bought two new pairs of pants, the aforementioned khakis and a pair of black pants.  I don’t remember what became of the black pants, except to say, that eventually I “grew out” of them (nice way to say they became too small to wear).  They were tossed.  Probably, when I did my “I’m too fat to wear these clothes and I’m never gonna fit into them again spring cleaning of 2007”.

Somehow, the khakis survived.  I think they did only because I had hardly worn them (when they did fit) and throwing out hardly-worn-perfectly-good pants is just SILLY!

Boy I am glad they survived, because I feel amazing today wearing them.  I even woke up my husband this morning for him to check and make sure they were not “inappropriate for work”.  He deemed them “perfectly fine”.

The funny thing is, moments like this actually motivate me to continue my weight loss journey that started back in February 2008.  Today I’m going to be super diligent! I’m going to track every morsel I eat, because I recognize that food does NOT have power over me.  I have power over me.

And let’s face it, that pig out last night was totally PMS induced and you just can’t fight hormones sometimes.  But, you can pick yourself up, dust off the crumbs and get back on track.  That’s what I plan to do.

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