Mozzerella or “Muhz-za-delle”

July 22, 2009

Mozzerella or “Muhz-za-delle” as my Italian-American family says.  I had some “muhzzadelle” on top of leftover chicken parm that I found in my fridge for dinner tonight.  It’s ultimately, very tragic.  I come home from work crazed and desperate to have a piece of chocolate.  I dig around the kitchen, first, I find Bamba (a peanut butter snack from Israel that’s similar to a cheese puff only with PB flavor).  I plop in front of the couch, turn on the tv and start chowing down.  I don’t know how many I ate, maybe 20?  Quickly, I’m bored with Bamba and searching for  Easter chocolate in my fridge (yes, I said Easter!).  Yum, Perugina chocolate eggs!  I devour one without even thinking.  Now, I’m thirsty, but I’m too lazy to get up and get a glass of water.  A moment later I’m up off the couch (not lazy anymore) searching for cheese, any cheese, to complete my meal.

Sidenote:  When I have PMS I crave two things, chocolate and cheese.  That’s it.  That’s what I want.  In fact, if there was a way to mix the two, I would!  Is it possible to dip a chocolate covered pretzel in cheddar fondue?  Hmm.

So, I found some takeout containers in my fridge.  I’m assuming they were left by my in-laws who have been staying with us.  It looks like chicken parm.  Smells like chicken parm.  I hesitate for a moment…”This isn’t my leftovers, should I eat it?”  Before I can even answer my own question I’m putting a dish of stolen chicken parm in the microwave.  2:30 and counting.   I leave the kitchen to catch a glimpse of Real Time with Bill Maher…I go back,  1:58 left.  Geez.  I repeat this movement 2 more times until finally I give in and eject the chicken parm 16 seconds early.  “Whatever, it will be hot enough with only 2:14 of heating.”

Finally, my fork and knife slices into the enormous chicken cutlets and I marry the food to my tongue.  It’s pretty good!  Success.

I think about food alot.  I calculate the calories of what I eat ALOT.  I’m on Weight Watchers since February 2008.  I’ve lost 20lbs but now I’m terrified of going back to WW since I just spent a week (my honeymoon) eating my way through Aruba.

Why does the fear of having gained weight make me want to eat more?  Human nature?  It’s so cruel.

I think for today I’m going to give myself a pass because I DO have PMS.  And I’m going to WW on Monday to get weighed, no matter what.  I promise.

There IS another plate of chicken parm in the fridge, but I think I’ll leave it for now.

One Response to “Mozzerella or “Muhz-za-delle””

  1. sk said

    I battle the microwave like that EVERY time!

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